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On this site, you will find the latest recipes that make the cut in Kaela's Kitchen.  The kitchen is my home. When I find or create a keeper recipe I like to share it! Many of my recipes are taste tested by the guys in the Miami Dolphins or Buffalo Bills locker-room. When Dan comes home with two thumbs up or two thumbs down, I know whether it is a keeper or not!

Once in a while, I like to share other things besides recipes. Under Kickin' it with Kaela, you will find random posts about things I dig. One day you may find a whole post dedicated to the great game my hubby Dan Carpenter had while he and his teammates fought to victory. Another day you may find a picture I found or captured, accompanied by a simple caption. This section is where I can share my thoughts, and hopefully have the privilege of getting to know you in return through your comments, and facebook interactions. (Feel free to "like" me on Facebook)

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Frequently Asked Questions
- Q -
What is the best way to contact you?

- A -
Whether you are sharing your favorite memory, recipe, photo, or any other comment, I love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact me at any time. The best way to get in touch is through the comments section after each post. Leave a comment and I will reply soon after. Don't want it to use the comments sections? No problem! Here is my other contact info.

Email: kaela@cookinandkickin.com
Twitter: @CookinAndKickin
Facebook: Cookin' and Kickin'
Pinterest: Kaela Carpenter

- Q -
I love your header to your website! Where did you get it done?

- A -
Tim Bishop did my header for both the home page, and the Kickin' It With Kaela section. As you can see he is very talented! Easy to work with, he provides quality work and fair pricing. I would recommend him to anyone! The best way I found to contact him was through his email. (See graphic below)

- Q - 
Can I share your recipes and the pictures from this website?

- A-
Yes please! Feel free to share! That is why I am here! Please remember to give credit where credit is due. If you are sharing with a friend be sure to tell them where you found it. If you are sharing online, please remember to link the recipe and photo's back to this website. Don't know how to link? I would be happy to help you!

- Q - 
I love reading about the extra curricular activities of your NFL husband in your Kickin' It With Kaela section. What is the best way to get an autograph or get something signed?

- A -
The very best way to go about getting anything signed is to email dancarpenterfootball@yahoo.com where he or I will email you back promptly. Do to high volume requests for autographed items, please understand that responses usually include actions of you mailing an item of your choice to an address with a prepaid return postage. This ensures the speediest turn around time for fans. If it is for a charity, other information may be needed as well.