Dan Carpenter Wife Buffalo Bills Family Kaela Clawson Carpenter
 Kaela Carpenter, and Husband, Dan Carpenter

Dan Carpenter Wife Buffalo Bills Family
 Kaela Carpenter and Son, Colby. Hiking in WNY

Dan Carpenter Wife Buffalo Bills Family Florida Miami Dolphins
Kaela Carpenter and Son, Colby at 6mo. Florida.

Dan Carpenter Wife Buffalo Bills Family
 Kaela Carpenter and Husband, Dan Carpenter

Dan Carpenter Buffalo Bills Wife and Son
 Kaela Carpenter and Son, Colby. Out trout fishing in WNY.

Dan Carpenter Buffalo Bills Family
Kaela Carpenter with family, Colby and Dan Carpenter. Hiking in WNY. 

Kaela (Clawson) Carpenter

Kaela (Clawson) Carpenter grew up a small town, farm girl from Plentywood, MT. She was born and raised on the farm and feels very fortunate to have grown up where she did. She was raised living off the land, where her family raised their own animals for meat, milk, eggs, and also grew their own garden.  Growing up, she enjoyed cooking and baking for her family and friends. Her love for food and feeding others only grew as the years went on. 

She spent her school years hunting, playing softball, volleyball, piano, and trumpet, and participating in 4-H, FFA, Choir, Cheerleading, Track and Field, and keeping statistics for the football team.

She continued to keep football stats and help manage the football team in college, at the University of Montana, in Missoula, Montana. It was there where she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Education, and met, Dan Carpenter.  It is safe to say she won his heart over one meal at a time, as they married in July of 2011.

Kaela, Dan, and their son, Colby now live in Orchard Park, New York throughout the football season, where Dan has just entered his 8th year in the NFL. During the off-season, they enjoy traveling to visit both family in Montana, and their friends and home in Florida. 

Kaela stays busy taking care of their son Colby, hosting family and friends throughout each football season, volunteering weekly throughout the community with various organizations, acting as Vice President of their HOA in Florida, staying active with the Buffalo Bills Women's Organization, and cooking/baking whenever she gets a free moment.

Part of the satisfaction of mixing up something new in the kitchen, Kaela says, is being able to share the goods. Her biggest group of taste testers is Dan's Buffalo Bills teammates. Approximately once a week, he is sent to work with the latest goodies to share. When Kaela gets thank you texts, or Dan comes home with requests for repeats, she knows it’s a winner recipe. 

When Kaela has time away from football and the kitchen, she loves to spend the day with her family. Together they enjoy fishing, shooting, hunting, BBQ’ing with friends, and volunteering in the community. One of her favorite things to do is toss the kid in the hiking pack and take the dog out for an adventure in beautiful WNY. 

Though Kaela looks forward to the day she can settle down in Montana, she is enjoying the different places the NFL life takes her and her family. She is currently residing in Buffalo, NY with her husband, Dan, and son, Colby Stinger Carpenter. Their second child is due in June 2015, on Father’s Day. 

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