Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Peep Nest Cupcakes

Peep Nest Cupcakes

Kids will have so much fun making and eating these Peep Cupcakes. They will feel so sneaky making the secret nests in each Peep Cupcake. Have fun this Easter making memories with your family and friends!! 

-Cake Mix 
-Vanilla frosting
-Green food coloring
-Easter Egg candy of choice. I chose whopper eggs.
-Easter sprinkles
-Peep Chicks

-Make cupcakes according to directions.
-Once they have cooled, us a small knife to cut a little "nest" out of the center. 
-Put an Easter Egg candy and Easter sprinkles in the nest. 
-Mix green dye in the frosting until it is a green as you wish. 
-Pipe the frosting around the cupcake and place a peep on top the nest to cover the goodies.

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