Sunday, September 7, 2014

Taco In A Bag

Taco In A Bag, Walking Taco, Traveling Taco. Whatever you call it, it is gooood.

Back in grade school, Taco In A Bag was sold at high school basketball games in order to raise funds for one of the many school clubs. I totally forgot how fantastic these Walking Tacos were until recently, when my sisters and I were talking about how it is one of my brothers favorite weekend meals.

I decided to make Taco In A Bag for my son's 1st Birthday. I could make everything a day in advance,easily use up leftovers, freeze extra taco meat, and the clean up is a breeze as you throw most everything away! BINGO!

Taco In A Bag is perfect for feeding a crowd. Taco Salad in a bag? With minimal clean up? Yes Please! Tailgating, Camping, Casual Party, etc. It's great for any occasion!

Taco In A Bag

Individual bags of Nacho Doritos
Taco Meat
Shredded Lettuce
Shredded Cheddar
Taco Sauce
    Diced Tomatoes
    Diced Onion
    Sour Cream

-Dice, cut, cook and store all Taco In A Bag ingredients ahead of time to make life easy.
-Reheat meat and keep warm on stove on low or crock pot
-Set out all ingredients
-Hold the bag of Doritos in one hand. With a long side up, use scissors to trim JUST the top 1/8 inch off of the bag, all the way across the long way so that the bag of chips is like a pocket.
-Using both hands hold the bag open side up, and use fingers to crunch the chips.
-Once the Doritos are crunched into smaller pieces, add all of the taco ingredients into the bag that you like, starting with meat.
-Use a plastic fork to mix and eat directly from the bag. 
-When you are finished, toss the bag and fork......or keep the fork and make another Taco In A Bag!

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