Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Restaurant Style Smoked Fish Dip

     Recently Dan and I took a little vacation weekend in the Florida Keys with some friends. The guys chartered a boat with Warbird Fishing and really brought home the bacon! They caught two different types of Mackerel, two different kinds of Snapper, and a Grouper or two. (See their catch HERE.)
     They had to toss the Grouper back as it was out of season, but we were able to keep the Mackerel and Snapper. We walked away with about 65-70 lbs of fresh fish from the sea. All cleaned for us too! Double score!
     That night we took a bunch of it to Lazy Days where they offer a "hook-n-cook" on their menu. You hook, they cook. Boy was that tasty! The rest of the fish we brought home. We froze about half, and Dan experimented with the rest in the smoker.
     We tried two ways of smoking. 1-Cover in large grain kosher salt, smoke, then remove salt. 2-Sit in salt brine, rinse, smoke. We preferred the latter of the two. The first was too salty even after removing salt and rinsing. Maybe I will have to do a post on smoked fish. If anyone is interested, comment here or email me.

     Anywho, this Restaurant Style Fish Dip is just like, if not, BETTER than the Smoked Fish Dip you get in the restaurants down here in Florida and the Keys. Trust me. YUM!! Because we had so much fresh smoked fish, I made Restaurant Style Fish Dip for the neighbors, two other families of the fisherman, another couple of friends who watch our dog when we are gone, my sister, and a bunch for ourselves. No one could stop raving about it. So So Good!

All in all this is a fast, easy, award winning caliber recipe that can be made a day or two in advance if need be. I encourage you to double or triple the recipe because you will find yourself eating this for lunch, not just an appetizer.

Smoked Fish Dip

Restaurant Style Smoked Fish Dip 
We used fish caught and smoked by Dan. If you purchase smoked fish, the salt content and smoke intensity may vary so adjustments to liquid smoke and Old Bay Seasoning may need to be made.

2 cups large chunk smoked fish
2 TB mayonnaise
4 TB sour cream
1/2-3/4 tsp Old Bay Seasoning
4 drops Chipotle Tabasco hot sauce
quick dash of Worcestershire sauce
4 drops of mesquite liquid smoke
fresh black pepper to taste
(Crackers, pickled jalapenos, and hot sauce for serving) 

-Break fish into large pieces and remove any stray bones. (See pic below)
-Measure out and put into a large bowl. Set aside.
-In a smaller bowl, mix all other ingredients until smooth.
-Pour mixture over the fish, and stir with fork until fish is coated with sauce.
-As you mix with fork, the fish will break up a bit until it is broke and mixed to desired
-Chill until ready to serve.
-Serve on cracker with pickled jalapeno and dash of hot sauce.



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  3. Excellent!!!! I did not have smoked fish. I did have left over grilled salmon. tried it, Love it! Almost as good as our favorite restaurant on St. George Island! (I think it's only the view that makes theirs better)