Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Quinoa Shrimp Stir Fry

We are on the road. My husband is a professional athlete. In the last couple months our lives have changed drastically in more than one way. We have been blessed to have stayed in once place with one team for 5 years. But we no longer play for the Miami Dolphins, we now are with the Buffalo Bills up in New York. We also have welcomed our first child, Colby Stinger Carpenter, into the world. He is the light of our lives, and has become the center of our world.

Dan #2, Buffalo Bills 

Colby Stinger Carpenter. 8lbs 4 oz.
Photo taken by Purely Newborn

Because we have a house in Florida, and Dan is in a hotel in New York, Colby and I travel back and forth a few weeks here and a few weeks there. When we are with Dan, we have a two burner stove top. While it can be frustrating not having a full kitchen, (I love to bake) I try to look at it as an adventure....Like camping. And I would take a two burner stove top any day to be able to have us all together.

Loosing baby weight while on the road can be challenging. Quinoa Shrimp Stir Fry helps me stay on track. It is quick to prepare and healthy. I prepared it on the stove top in our hotel. Leftovers are great too! I use quinoa, which has been labeled a superfood by many nutritionist. It’s rich in protein, high in fibre and has a complete amino acid profile that can help the body build lean muscle. Eating quinoa can make you feel more energetic, improve the health of your cardiovascular and digestive systems and even assist with regulating your blood sugar.

Top that with veggies and a lean meat like shrimp, and it's a big, fast, healthy, win in my book! YUM!

Quinoa Shrimp Stir Fry

All measurements are approximate. Do what you like according to your taste. The only thing I would use cautiously is the soy sauce as it is salty and can be overwhelming. I like a natural tasting dish, but if you would prefer a bolder and sweeter tasting stir fry with that doesn't boast the natural flavors of the ingredients so intensely, swap out the soy sauce with hoisin sauce. This would provide more of a glazed type stir fry. Yet not so healthy.

Quinoa - 1 cup dry/3 cups cooked
3-4 TB olive oil 
3-4 cups frozen vegetables - stir fry mix
1/2 a fresh red bell pepper
1/2 cup fresh onion
15 fully cooked, shelled, deveined frozen large shrimp - thawed. (Or any other lean meat.)
3 TB low sodium soy sauce
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp chili powder
Pinch of red pepper flakes

-Cook quinoa according to directions so it is light and fluffy.
-Set aside. (My quinoa was leftover so it was in the fridge and I heated it up on a plate at the
-Wash, dry and cut the red pepper and onion into thick slices or pieces. 
-In a heavy frying pan heat a couple tablespoons of olive oil to med-med/high heat.
-Add the onion and red pepper. Stir and toss for 1-1 1/2 minutes.
-Add the frozen vegetables and toss once in a while for 5 minutes.
-Squirt pan contents with a little soy sauce. Don't over do it! You can always add more after
  your first bite of you decide you want more.
-Add the thawed shrimp.
-Sprinkle with garlic powder, chili powder, and red pepper flakes.
-If you are having issues with sticking.Turn down the heat to medium and add a little more
  oil, or even water or broth.
-Wait 4-5 minutes tossing frequently so it doesn't stick to pan. This is just enough time to
  heat up shrimp and finish cooking vegetables.
-Remove from heat.
-Scoop warm quinoa on a plate and top with veggie shrimp mixture.
-I like spicy stuff so I always put a little sriracha sauce on it as well.

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