Monday, August 26, 2013

How To Make Magic Shell

I remember back in the 90's I went to a friends house to play. After being outside in the summer sun we decided to go inside and enjoy some ice cream. It was then that I discovered the magic of Magic Shell! Pour the chocolate sauce over your ice cream, and like magic it hardened to a chocolate shell! How cool!

Years later in college when I started doing my own grocery shopping I ran across Magic Shell in the store. I had totally forgot about this magically cool ice cream addition. With the looks of the price of it, I needed to continue to forget about it. $$$$$ Cha-Ching $$$$$ Pricey!

To my delight, I ran across numerous posts on the Internet that claimed to have the Magic Shell recipe. Some recipes were more complex. Others used butter. But the handful of recipes that caught my eye only called for two ingredients! Coconut Oil, and Chocolate. Sounded easy enough to me! Everyone has different amounts of each ingredient that they like to use. I found the portions that were perfect for me.

Making your own Magic Shell is fast and easy, delicious, and way cheaper than buying it at the store. Keep your leftovers in a plastic squirt bottle at too temp, or if you want to put it in the fridge you will need to microwave it before using to liquefy it.

If you actually look at the ingredients on the back of a Magic Shell bottle, there isn't much more than coconut oil and chocolate in it! So give this a whirl! Your kids will think you are genius with your Magic Shell making skills.

How To Make Your Own Magic Shell

1/2 c Chocolate Chips
2 TB coconut oil

-Melt the chocolate chips with the coconut oil in a sauce pan on the stove over medium heat stirring often until the chocolate chips have melted completely and the chocolate and oil is blended smoothly together.
-Remove from heat and allow to cool to room temperature
-Scoop your ice cream into bowls. (The harder/colder the ice cream the better)
-Drizzle the chocolate sauce over the top of your hard serve ice cream.
-Watch the magic happen!
- Magic Shell will form within 1 minute.

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  1. the magic and mystery is gone now..and it's so delicious :)