Monday, August 19, 2013

Easy Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs

If you love Buffalo Chicken stuff, you HAVE to try these Easy Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs. This recipe is the perfect combo of all of the flavors. The filling is not overpowering in anyway. Not too hot, not too salty. Perfect blend of all ingredients.

To make the Buffalo Chicken flavor of these deviled eggs complete is a scant garnish of extra blue cheese, a little more buffalo wing sauce, and sprinkle of green onion. 

These Easy Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs are perfect for any occasion. I'd like to say it's the ideal Man Food, but after tasting them I have decided that Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs are perfect for all Buffalo Chicken lovers. Man or Woman.

Easy Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs 

-3 hard boiled eggs. Peeled and sliced in half.
-2 tsp low fat ranch
-1 tsp light mayo
-2 tsp buffalo wing sauce
-1/3 cup finely diced chicken
-1 full tsp minced carrot (about 2 baby carrots)
-1 full tsp mince celery
-1 tsp minced green onion (2 green onions, using the white and light green parts. 
                                                             Saved the dark green parts for the garnish.)
-1 TB finely crumbled blue cheese

- Carefully scoop the yolks out of  egg whites. Set the whites aside and place the yolks
  in a bowl.
- With the yolks add the rest of the ingredients
- Mix and mash with a fork until everything is blended well
- Use a tablespoon to scoop heaping rounded spoonfuls of the mixture into each egg
  white hole.
- Place each deviled egg on a platter
- Garnish with green onions, a sprinkle of blue cheese, and a drizzle
  of buffalo wing sauce.
- Refrigerate until ready to serve.

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