Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Green Monster Smoothie

One thing most people have in common is having a hard time sneaking leafy greens into you and/or your child's diet. I like salads, but after a while they get boring. Spinach in omelets is good, but I don't want eggs for every meal.

I found that I can sneak a lot of spinach into a smoothie, without altering the flavor what so ever! BINGO! Bring on the greens!

I created the Green Monster Smoothie as a quick and healthy breakfast that I could take with me on the go, but it can provide a nutritious and healthy snack any time of the day as well.

Try this for yourself to be sure you are getting all that good iron and folic acid that spinach provides your body. Make this "fun" named smoothie for those kiddos in your life that have issues with veggies.

Green Monster Smoothie

1/3 c non-fat plain Greek Yogurt
5-6 frozen strawberries sliced (or frozen blueberries for a sweeter PURPLE Monster.)
1 frozen banana cut in 4 pieces - brown and speckled (the browner the sweeter)
1/8 c old fashioned oats
1 big handful fresh baby spinach
3/4 - 1 c Almond Milk - vanilla or unsweetened
(OR for a little sweeter, use 3/4 c juiced apple.)

Combine above ingredients in blender
Blend until smooth

*If you do not use frozen fruit, add a couple of ice cubes
*When my bananas turn brown, I peel and slice them and pop them in the freezer. 
  Convenient for smoothies!
*Fruit Juice is almost always filled with sugar. Be sure to use almond milk, or for a little  
  sweeter taste use 100% organic juiced apple juice. The brown banana paired with 
 another fruit will almost always provide enough sweetness.

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  1. Im gonna give this one a try--usually they taste so blah.....and so green--LOL--but I'll try it with a bit more juice.... :))))