Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rice Krispie Hidden Surprise Easter Eggs

March is here, which means Easter is coming! Rice Krispie Hidden Surprise Easter Egg Treats are perfect for your child, (or inner child). While visiting family in Montana, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to make use of the kiddos around the house. Our Niece was more than happy to lend a helping hand. These Rice Krispie Hidden Surprise Easter Egg Treats REALLY excited her. She loved making them with me, as I did her. She was giggling the whole time about how tricky we were hiding candy inside the eggs. She couldn't wait to hand them out to her parents, brother, and uncle, surprising them with the hidden treasures inside.

From the process of creating the Rice Krispie Hidden Surprise Easter Egg Treats, through the consuming of them, a festive and rewarding experience was had by both of us. We had so much fun together. The Rice Krispie Hidden Surprise Easter Eggs were delicious, and while they lasted, they added to the Easter decor around the house.

This is a perfect project to make with your little one today! Go ahead and give it a whirl! It's your choice which "special treasure" to hide inside each Rice Krispie Easter Egg. You can even chose to decorate the outside as well if you wish! Poke sprinkles all over the outside, or decorate with icing and sprinkles. Heck, if you are a chocolate fan, you could even coat the outside in white chocolate so you have a clean white slate to work your art on. Possibilities are endless!

*The only steps I needed to really help with was the melting of the butter and marshmallows in the beginning and the sealing of the egg at the end. Otherwise kids can do everything else!


Rice Krispie Hidden Surprise Easter Eggs
Recipe Source: Rice Krispie Website

12 plastic snap apart 3x2inch Easter Eggs
3 TB butter
4 cups mini marshmallows
6 cups of Rice Krispie Cereal
1/2 c candy of your choice. We chose Sweet Tart jelly beans, and various sprinkles

-Wash hands
-Pour candy in a bowl.
-Clean inside of plastic egg shells.
-Spritz a little cooking spray inside each egg shell and use finger to whirl around to coat
-In a large pan melt butter over low heat
-Add mini marshmallows and stir continually on low heat with butter until just melted
-Remove from heat and add to cereal
-Stir until evenly coated
-Spritz hand with cooking spray and rub hands together to "grease" them up
-Fill each egg half with approx 1/4 c Rice Krispie mix. Pack it tightly and use fingers to
 burrow a little hole into each half.
-Once all of the egg halves are packed, take one bottom half of egg and one top half of egg
 and remove Rice Krispie treats from both.
-Fill bottom half with candy of your choice. My little helper chose 2 jelly beans, and two
 different types of sprinkles.
-Place top half on top of bottom half and seal with fingers using the pinching motion.
 Because the top half which was hollowed out didn't get filled with candy, there is room
 for the candy to make a little noise when the egg is shook.
-Place filled and sealed Rice Krispie Easter Egg back in the plastic egg until ready to

*If desired, poke a few sprinkles on the outside of the egg to decorate before storing.
*Or, use icing to decorate. (Store in Tupperware rather than plastic egg.)
*Or, dip egg in white chocolate covering entirely. While chocolate is still wet cover in
 sprinkles, or when it is hardened, decorate with colored icing. (Store in Tupperware rather
 than plastic egg.)

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