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Cinna-Mini-Buns are a semi-homemade, mini sized, glazed cinnamon roll that is perfect for this Easter, or any special brunch that you are hosting.

BEWARE: Cinna-Mini-Buns are dangerously too easy to pop in your mouth without thinking. Believe me.
The recipe made 16. My husband ate about 5. There were two of us int he house, and none left. How many Cinna-Mini-Buns did I eat? I'll let you do the math. Ha!

Like I said, Way.Too.Easy.
I suggest you make more than one batch. The first batch will get your families cravings out of the way. The second batch can serve the purpose your first batch was supposed to before it magically disappeared.
Make these Cinna-Mini-Buns.

You will NOT be sorry!

Roll Ingredients
1 tube of 8 crescent rolls
full 1/2 tsp of cinnamon divided in two halves
2 TB butter divided in two halves
1/8 cup brown sugar packed full divided in two halves

Icing Ingredients
1/2 c powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla
3 tsp sugar free maple syrup
2 tsp almond milk
If you don't have almond milk or sugar free syrup you can use regular milk and syrup

-Preheat oven to temperature on crescent roll package. (Mine was 375 degrees.)
-First, open your tube of crescent rolls.
-Secondly, unroll half of the dough. (Four crescent rolls).
-Set the second half aside.
-Pinch the seams of the four rolls together to bind them.
-Flip and pinch the seams of the other side.
-Use a rolling pin to smooth out and further seal the four rolls. Flip and roll again, into
 one sheet about 1/8 inch thick.
-Next take 1 of the 2 TB of butter and melt in small bowl in microwave.
-Use a pastry brush to brush 1 TB of melted butter over the entire surface of the rolled
 out dough.
-Next, pinch and sprinkle a full 1/4 tsp of cinnamon over the entire surface of the
 buttered dough.
-After the cinnamon, sprinkle half of the brown sugar over the cinnamon.
-Next, use your fingers to roll up the dough into a tight little roll.
-Use scissors to cut the roll into 8 circles. To make sure they are approximately the same
 size, I cut the roll in half, cut eh halves in half, and then cut the quarters in half.
-Place each roll, cut sides up and down, in non-stick mini muffin tins.
-Repeat above process with second half of crescent roll dough.
-Once all 16 of the rolls are prepared and in the mini tin, place on the center rack of your
 preheated oven and bake for the time instructed on your crescent roll package.
 (Mine said 11-13 minutes. I chose 13 minutes so the Cinna-Mini-Buns were nice and
 golden brown.)
-While the Cinna-Mini-Buns are baking, make the icing.
-To make the icing simply mix the powdered sugar, vanilla, syrup, and milk together
 with a fork until there are no clumps.
-When the Cinna-Mini-Buns come out of the oven, spoon 1 tsp of icing over the top of
 each bun. Let them all sit in pan with icing for 2-3 minutes. Then use a spoon to remove
 and place onto a plate.
-Enjoy warm or if you have the patience, let them cool a bit and the icing will set up and
 crustify a bit when they hit room temperature.

A Few Step-By-Step Pictures
Pinch, flip and pinch again.

Roll, flip and roll again.


Cinnamon and Brown Sugar

Roll up tightly.

Cut and place in non-stick muffin tin.

All baked! Ready for icing!

Once tsp of icing each!

Remove from pan and enjoy warm or allow icing to set up to room temp.

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