Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spider Web Cookies

     Would you like to know how to make Spider Web Cookies for Halloween? Well, today is your lucky day. When I found these cute Halloween spider cookies on Pinterest I figured they would be hard to make. Not so much! They were a breeze! 

     Today I am going to share an easy way to throw together Spider Web Cookies. I used the easiest, and most convenient method possible. Pre-made everything. But you can use your favorite homemade cookie recipe and homemade frosting recipes if you please. Keep in mind that this technique could be used on cupcakes as well. You can use any colors of frosting you would like, and any round candies you would like. The possibilities are endless! 

     I sent these Spider Web Cookies into the locker room with Dan a week or so ago. I wish I could have seen a bunch of grown men eating spider cookies. hehe! They are probably getting sick of all of my Halloween themed treats. They are good sports though. I haven't heard one complaint yet about the festive food. Next is Thanksgiving and Christmas so they better be ready for some more fun! I hope at least one of them go home and make a family fun project out of these with their kids this Halloween season.

     Have fun with it! If you make these with your kiddos, let me know! I would love to see your pics!

Spider Web Cookies

Ingredients for Spider Web Cookies
-1 bag of Betty Crocker Double Chunk Cookies (Or favorite cookie recipe of your choice)
-M&M's (use green and orange)
-Ingredients called for on cookie bag if using cookie mix - (veggie oil, water, egg)
-1 tub of Chocolate Pillsbury Frosting (Or your favorite - recipe/flavor/color)
-1 tub of Vanilla Pillsbury Frosting (Or your favorite - recipe/flavor/color)

How to make Spider Web Cookies
-Make cookies according to package directions.
-Allow to cool.
-Spread base color (in this case chocolate) over each cookie with a spatula.
-Fill a frosting bag with a tiny tip, or a Ziploc bag with web frosting (in this case, white)
-If using a Ziploc, snip a teenie tiny corner off of the bag with some scissors.
-Starting in the center and working your way outward, make circles on each cookie with
 the 2nd color (white) frosting. Number of circles will depend on the size of the cookie.
 They will look like a bulls-eyes. 
-Use a toothpick to drag lines outward from the center to the outer edges. Number of lines
 will depend on the size of the cookie. I advise making a plan ahead of time. So each cookie looks the same and the spider web is proportionate. I had a few lop sided spider web cookies until I made a plan. I drew my first two lines directly across from each other so that it cut the web exactly in half. Then I divided each half into thirds from there.
-After the webs are done, split the extra white frosting up and use food coloring to color it the same color as your M&M spider bodies.
-Put colored frostings in their own frosting bags with tiny tips or Ziploc with tiny holes snipped.
-Squeeze the frosting onto the cookies to make 8 legs.
-Plop a little M&M onto the legs and slightly press down so that it will stick.
-Use the opposite color to pipe 2 little eyes on the spiders.
-If you have large cookies and extra spider stuff, put more than one on each cookie!

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