Friday, July 27, 2012

Candied Pecan Chopped Salad

Candied Pecan Chopped Salad was the first at home chopped salad I was introduced to. I have always loved chopped salad when I go to restaurants, but had never tried recreating it at home until I had it at my friend Katie's house. It was AWESOME to say the least.

When I asked her for the recipe, she was kind enough to hand me the list of ingredients but really had no measurements. When I put this candied pecan chopped salad together I was careful to measure each and every ingredient that I used so that everyone else could create it ever so perfectly.

Man-O-Man is this delish! I find myself making it time and again and everyone always loves it! The blue cheese and the candied pecans really complement one another.

Usually I am a cheap-o and only buy store brand dressings. This is NOT the salad to skimp though. Splurge, get the good stuff. A secret is in this sauce:)

Candied Pecan Chopped Salad
Source: Katie Fields

7 1/2 cups of chopped small Romaine Hearts
2 cups  chopped small 50/50 Blend Lettuce
1 cup diced tomato - seeds and goo removed
1 cup candied pecans- chopped big - approx same size as tomatoes
3/4 cup low fat crumbled blue cheese
1/2 c Marzetti Simply Dressed all natural vinaigrette *(pic below)

- Chop, cut, slice and dice tomato and pecans up to 12 hrs ahead of time if you wish.
- Just before serving, pile lettuce in a huge pile on top of cutting board and use the largest
  knife you have to chop up lettuce into small pieces.
-Throw lettuce in large bowl and fluff.
-Throw all other ingredients on top of the lettuce.
-Toss with two big serving spoons and serve immediately.

*I never knew the choice of dressing was so important until I tried Marzetti Simply Dressed all natural vinaigrette. It is amazing! A little spendy, but worth every single penny. And when you prepare a salad all chopped up like this you actually use less dressing so it last longer. You will find it at your local grocery store not with the other dressings on the shelf, but refrigerated.

*The amount of dressing may change for you according to taste, and also what kind of lettuce you use.

*Remember, lettuce measurements shrink quite a bit after being chopped well. Measurements in this recipe are for chopped up lettuce, not measured before chopping.


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