Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Smoke Bag Salmon and Vegetables

The start of summer is upon us which means it is the beginning of outdoor food season for many Americans and Canadians. My husband and I love to grill, prepare food over a campfire, and smoke meat in our smoker. The only problem with smoking meat is that you have to plan ahead, get all the supplies ready, and then it is slow and low. It's a fun process, but when you are craving smoked meat for dinner, and it is already dinner time, the odds are not in your favor.

With my first Copper River Salmon delivery I was sent an Emeril's Smoker Bag. Smoker Bag? I had never heard of a such a thing. I quickly learned it is a FAST and EASY way to prepare smoked food.

After reading the directions it seemed like it was fool proof so I gave it a shot. Did I just call myself a fool? Ha!.... The Emeril's Smoker Bag made smoked salmon easy-peasy-lemon-squeezey. Preparation, cooking, serving, and clean up were a BREEZE!

I chose to make my Smoke Bag Salmon on the grill, but it can be prepared just as deliciously in the oven or over a campfire if you choose. I am no grill master, but with an Emeril's Smoker Bag grilling was easily an option for me. There are recipe suggestions, instructions, and timetables inside the packaging for gas grill, charcoal grill, oven, and campfire cooking. I included gas grill in my recipe because that is what I did.

In this Smoke Bag Salmon Recipe, Copper River King Salmon isn't messed with much, letting it boast it's natural goodness. It is simply seasoned and smoked.

Beautiful and rustic, this Smoked Salmon dish can be served directly from the bag. Smoke Bag Salmon is perfect for BBQ's, Cookouts, Campfires, or just a busy week night. 

Smoke Bag Salmon and Vegetables
Smoke Bag Salmon can easily be adapted to bake in the oven or prepare over a campfire. 

Ingredients and Supplies
1-Emeril's Smoker Bag (I used "Alder" wood)
2- 10 oz Salmon Fillets - skin on (I used Copper River King Salmon)
5-6 cups vegetables of your choice ( I chose Zucchini, red potatoes, onions, and garlic)
6 tsp of Chef Paul's MAGIC Salmon Seasoning
4 TB Olive Oil

-Rinse and dry salmon filets
-Drizzle 1 TB olive oil over each filet and rub on all sides
-Sprinkle each filet front and back with 2tsp of seasoning per filet. (1 tsp per side of filet)
-Set salmon aside on plate
-Choose vegetables. I chose Red Potatoes, zucchini, onions, and garlic.
-Cut up the vegetables into chucks about 1 1/2 inch cubes fro potatoes, onion in wedges,
 and zucchini in large 2-3 inch chunks.
-Light gas grill and set the preheat on high setting.
-Peel garlic cloves but keep them whole.
-Put all cut vegetables and garlic cloves together in a bowl. Drizzle with 2 TB olive oil
 and 2 tsp seasoning.
-Toss vegetables until coated with oil and seasoning.
-Put half of the vegetables in the smoker bag. Pay attention to which side goes up and
 which side should be down. It will say on the bag.
-Next lay the two salmon filets in the bag, skin side down. The skin will help keep it from
-Now put the last half of the vegetables in the bag.
-Fold the smoker bag closed. Fold in 1/2 inch folds 3 times then fold the corners over.
-By this time, the grill should have preheated on high fro 10-20 minutes or until very hot.
-Set the Smoker Bag on the hot grill. Remember to place the down side down.
-Close lid and grill on high for 10 minutes.
-Turn temperature down to medium and grill another 10 minutes.
-Smoker Bag will be puffy. This is good.
-Turn off grill.
-Carefully remove salmon filled smoker bag using oven mitts.
-Let the bag sit 5 minutes.
-Use a box cutter to carefully slice around the perimeter of the top of the smoker bag.
-Watch for steam.
-Roll back the top like an old sardine can.
-Serve directly out of bag for an easy clean up and fun and rustic ambiance.

Emeril's Smoker Bag, Copper River King Salmon, Zucchini, Onion, Garlic, Chef Paul's MAGIC Salmon Seasoning, Olive Oil.


 I seriously want to bite into this picture.

 Seasoned and oiled veggies.

 1/2 veggies and all salmon in bag

Second half of veggies in. Time to close bag!

 Tightly fold over about 3 times and then fold corners over as well.

 Pop it on the hot grill.

 Close the lid, crack a beer, and enjoy the view.

 If you ope the lid you may see the bag has plumped up. That is ok:)

After it's cooled 5 minutes, use a box cutter or knife to cut the top off or as I did, 3 sides so I could roll it like an old sardine can;)

 Enjoy straight from the bag. Fresh Smokey Salmon and your favorite vegetables.

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  1. The grocery store had these bags for a dollar each, I can't wait to try this. Going to use an oven rather than a grill. Easier and it'll prepare me for the winter months ^_^

    Thanks for the write up, really helpful!