Thursday, May 17, 2012

Delicious Omega-3's Anyone?

Ready, Set, Go!

Today, March 17th, is the opening day for Copper River Salmon Season up in Cordova Alaska. What! Never heard of Copper River Salmon? Copper River Salmon is some of the most desired salmon in the entire world! These salmon have to travel up the 300 mile Copper River too reach their  spawning grounds, which means they need to keep an extra storage of omega-3 fatty acids to survive. Yum!

There is a list a mile long when it comes to the health benefits Omega-3's bring to you. Copper River Salmon has got it goin' on baby! And I can't wait to try it!

Growing up in Montana on a farm/ranch I remember the excitement that accompanied "opening days". I remember the proud moment when you would bring home what you had harvested, and feed your family. In my case it was usually deer. Opening day is important where I come from. It's like a holiday. Seriously. In my family it isn't out of the ordinary to be pulled out of school to go get "the big one". Yup....We're that family...haha
All the anticipation and excited...there is just nothing like it.

I wish I was there in Cordova, Alaska to experience the adrenaline rush of opening day out on the water. Instead, I will be 5,098.45 miles away on a whole different ocean. The Atlantic Ocean. In South Beach at the Miami Dolphins Fins Weekend Golf and Fishing Tournament. I am hoping to reel in a big Marlin, Dolphin, or Sword Fish. I'll keep you updated. P.S. - I made the most delicious cookies for the crew on our boat. I will share the recipe with you next week....and hopefully a picture of my big catch! I promise.

To the Copper River Fisherman,

    I'll trade you a few days of Everglades Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing, and home cooked meals for a couple days up in Alaska to discover the Copper River Salmon World! How fun would that be!?!?

Your South Florida Cook, CRS Locator, and Fisher-woman

Something I really appreciate about Copper River Salmon is that it is carefully managed for long-term sustainability. Copper River Salmon Company, and it's fisherman value our planet and the natural resources around them. They want what they enjoy now to last for many lifetimes to come, therefor, they are sure to make the right choices when harvesting Copper River Salmon.

Well, it's official. I am in love with Alaska. I am afraid as Copper River Salmon Season continues my love will only grow deeper for this beautiful place. The wide open spaces, mountains, and down to earth demeanor remind me of Montana a bit.

Stay tuned! From now until September, I, along with a few other bloggers across the country will be locating CRS locally and uploading it into the Copper River Salmon Locator App so you can find it near you in restaurants and local markets! In return, Copper River Salmon Company sends us fish for FREE! Yippee!! I will also be whipping up recipes with this fine fish. I am eager to share them with you, and welcome any of yours that you would like to share with me!

The Copper River - Photo Courtesy - Copper River Salmon.

Photo Courtesy - Copper River Salmon

Click HERE to be linked to there site and read more about this prized fish.


  1. Great blog post, Kaela, I enjoyed reading it. Especially because I fish the Copper River. It's always great to see that folks really appreciate our fish!

    Look me up if you come up this way!


  2. Jen!
    I love your recent post on the Copper River Salmon Opening Day!
    How exciting!
    I hope to make it up there ASAP.