Wednesday, May 23, 2012

American Flag Toast

Wow! Where does the time go? Seems like just yesterday it was Christmas. Now Memorial Day is less than a week away! Summer is upon us folks! You know what that means? A month filled with patriotic food. Yeah!

This weekend Dan and I are hosting a Memorial Day BBQ here at the house. The majority of our friends have children so it will be fun to watch them splash around in our pool, zip off the water slide, and of course, enjoy some good ole' red white and blue food. That's right! Whether they know it or not, they are designated taste testers for my 4th of July recipes that I want to share with you all.

Though American Flag Toast isn't quite the BBQ food, it is a fabulous idea for a healthy, fun, and patriotic breakfast or lunch. This Memorial Day or 4th of July, be festive. Serve American Flag Toast. You will gobble it up and you don't even have to feel guilty about it afterward.

These are tasty, yet healthy! American Flag Toast uses a tinch of low fat cream cheese, and tad of sugar free strawberry preserves for "glue". You get that sweet yet savory all round flavor, similar to a cheesecake topped with syrup, all while getting your whole grains and fruits. And low calorie! Mine was only 142 calories! Heck yea!

Let your kiddos help too! Depending on age, you can cut toast in half to make smaller flags, and even cut the fruits ahead of time and spread the spreads so they just have to piece the flag together. Show them a real flag for comparison, and then let them create their flag to match! Great for practicing colors, and building other skills.

American Flag Toast
Perfect for Memorial Day or 4th of July!
Low calorie, healthy, and fun for kids!

1 slice of 100% whole wheat bead
1-2 TB low fat cream cheese - room temperature - (depending on how much you prefer)
1-2 TB sugar free strawberry preserves (again depending on taste)
1 large or 2 med strawberries - (I used 1 huge flat one)
1/2 banana sliced into strips
A few blue berries - (depending on how many "stars" you would like)

-Toast bread - Medium
-Spread cream cheese evenly over toast
-Spread preserves evenly over all but top left corner of toast
-Slice strawberries and lay them on in strips to create stripes leaving room for the banana
  in between rows. Leave top left corner open. (May have to cut bottom of strawberry
  strips to make them lay flat.
-Slice banana length wise to create strips of white for the white strips. Lay them between
  the strawberry rows. Leave top left corner open.
-Slice blue berries in half, one at a time and place the cut side down in the upper left hand
  corner of the toast. Whole blue berries would roll off too easily. Cut ones stay in place,
  and also are the correct height. Stop slicing and placing blue berries in the top left corner
  when the corner is filled up.
-Enjoy your patriotic American Flag Toast!!

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