Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Prime Rib Breakfast Sandwich

I am one of those girls that picks the fat off of her bacon. I don't mind fatty foods. In fact, I love them! Sausage, cream cheese, butter, cake, give it to me baby! But when it is just a hunk of fat hanging off of something I always cut it off and discard. It has always sort of disgusted me to watch someone eat a hunk of meat, floppy fat still attached. Everyone out there knows what I am talking about. Great Uncle Ted - End of the dinner table at Christmas trying to convince everyone that it is actually good for you because "God didn't make it this way for no reason!"  ...Sorry Uncle Ted...not me...not today...probably not ever. I believe in the seasoning powers of fat, but then it can go in the garbage.

Prime Rib is one of those floppy fat meats. When preparing Prime Rib I totally agree that it needs the proper amount of marbling to turn out moist and flavorful, but pa-leeeeaze trim your fat before you start pigging out. Or I may just have to come to your house and wack your greasy fingers with my spatula. My theory on fat? Season then scram! Use then loose! Trust me, meat is just as delicious trimmed. 

Now that I am done grossing you out and bossing you around, I am going to share something yummy with you. Prime Rib Breakfast Sandwich. Yum! 

When I have left over Prime Rib in the fridge, or any other leftover steak, I love to make Prime Rib Breakfast Sandwiches.  Prime Rib is so easy to slice thin and trim when it is cold out of the fridge. Speaking of thin and trim, this Prime Rib Breakfast Sandwich actually isn't all that bad for you! With options of using thin trimmed Prime Rib, egg white, low fat crumbled cheese, fat free mayo, and thin slicing just a portion of a bagel top, this robust sandwich packs way more flavor than it does calories! No salt and pepper needed as the Prime Rib holds great flavor already!

Prime Rib Breakfast Sandwich
Makes 2 Mega Manly Breakfast Sandwiches

1 Bagel of choice - I suggest Everything Bagel or Roasted Onion Bagel
2 eggs
4 thin slices of leftover prime rib - cut cold- trim fat
2 tsp spicy mustard
1-2 tsp horseradish depending on taste
1 TB mayo
sprinkle of reduced fat blue cheese crumbles

-Slice Bagel into 4-6 thin round slices. If 6, save 2 for another day. You will only use 2 per
-Lightly toast the 4 thing round slices
-Smear 1/2 TB of low fat mayonnaise on one side of one of the toasted rounds (amount
 may vary on your taste)
-Set toasted rounds aside on a plate with dressing sides up.
-Take left over Prime Rib out of fridge and slice 4 small pieces about 1/3 of an inch thick
 and near the same diameter or so of a fried egg. Trim Fat. Set aside.
-In a frying pan over med/high heat, spray pan with non stick spray, and crack to eggs. If
 you are going the egg white route, make sure to separate the egg before putting it in the
-Cook your egg on med/high heat as you usually would. Times vary depending if you like
 your egg runny or hard. For this sandwich I like mine over medium.
-When egg is cooking on it's first side, I toss the meat slices in the pan. I QUICKLY let
 them sear on both sides. Mainly to just let them heat up. Remember, the meat is already
 cooked. It just needs to heat up. You don't want it over cooked as it may get a little tough.
 Heating up meat will take less than a minute.
-When you flip the egg to cook on it's second side, move 2 slices of warmed up Prime Rib
 on top of each egg.
-Smear approx 1 tsp of spicy mustard and 1/2-1 tsp of horseradish on top of the meat
 (amounts may vary depending on taste)
-Sprinkle reduced fat crumbled blue cheese on top
-Cover with lid until cheese is softened and egg is done. (Because I like my egg a little
 runny I turn off the burner and remove from heat when I cover it).
-When the cheese is softened a bit, remove the goodies to one of your toasted rounds, top
 with the other.

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