Monday, March 12, 2012

Breakfast Sandwich - Under 250 Cal.

Breakfast sandwiches are something that I fall back on quite a bit. I tend to feed the masses during football season. On game day when I am trying to get all the house guests out the door in the morning it can sometimes feel like herding sheep. Whether it is a teenage girl who is applying makeup, a toddler running around, or just someone who accidentally slept in, there always seems to be a straggler.  It can be challenging to get everyone up, fed, and ready.

When Dan comes home from the hotel game day morning I like it to "look" calm, under control, and organized. I like to have everyone ready so that when he says it is time to go people are skipping out the door, bag in hand. These breakfast sandwiches help me do that. No one wants to buy overpriced food at a football game only because they missed breakfast, so I make these.

This is a sandwich for every host, busy Mom, bachelor on the run, or anyone watching their weight. It is fast, easy, healthy, and a great garb-n-go type of breakfast. During season I use English Muffins, American cheese, eggs, and sausage patties or ham. When off season hits, Dan and I try to watch our weight so I make it a little healthier. I always stock up on English muffins when they are half price. If they are about to be out dated, I toss em in the freezer. Same with the sausage.

Healthy Breakfast Sandwich
226.5 - 246.5 Calories

-Light Multi-grain English Muffin - Toasted Dry - 100 cal
-2 slices of Jennie-O Turkey Bacon - cooked - 40 cal
-1/2 deli slice Provolone Cheese - 30 cal
-10 slices of jarred Jalapeno rings - 2.5 cal
-1 egg cooked in skillet with Pam, NOT butter or oil
     - Sm Egg - 54 cal
     - Med Egg - 64 cal
     - Lrg Egg - 74 cal
Salt and Pepper

- Cut English Muffin if it isn't pre-cut.
- Toast English Muffin - Dry
- While muffin is toasting heat up the turkey bacon and cook egg sprinkled with salt and pepper to your desired doneness.
- Top the egg with cheese and put a lid on pan for about 30 seconds so the cheese melts a bit
- On a plate, or tin foil if you are on the go, place one side of toasted muffin. Cut side up.
- Tear the Turkey Bacon in half and place it on the muffin. I set mine like a squished together tic-tac-toe board.
-Top the bacon with the cheese covered egg, and the cheese with the jalapeno slices.
-Place the second English Muffin piece on the very top to complete the sandwich.
-Serve on a plate or wrap in tinfoil if on the go.

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