Monday, March 26, 2012

Aunt Kim's Famous Cookie Salad

When I was a child, my siblings and I were lucky enough to have our cousins live near us. We lived a about 4 miles west of Plentywood, MT, and they lived about 2 miles east of Plentywood. For those of you who are not familiar with our quaint little town, that put us only about 8 miles and 1 stoplight apart from each other. This meant it only took about 15 minutes by car, or a few hours on horseback to get from point A to B. Yes, I said horseback. If you saddled up after breakfast you would arrive in time for lunch.

Between my siblings and the cousins, we had 9 kids total. We had 5 kids and my cousins had 4. Full of girls, with a boy in each batch, I have many fond memories of my childhood with them.

Now, every summer when I visit the farm, my mind wanders. Something as simple as a whiff of sage rolling in on the prairie breeze brings back the memories...

Memories filled with wiener roasts in the driveway and softball games up on the flat...
Memories catching frogs, snakes, turtles, fish and clams in the creek...
Memories running through the barnyard barefoot hunting for the new batch of kitties...
Memories painting our horses with finger paint, braiding their manes, and hopping on for a ride with nothing but a halter and makeshift lead rope reins...
Memories made by the "Kanning Cubs" and the "Clawson Cubs"...
Memories of baby bunnies, booby traps, and fort making...
Memories that will never be forgotten, are impossible to relive, and can not be replaced...

Many holidays, birthdays, and special events were spent with the two of our families under one roof. One dish that Aunt Kim was famous for making for special occasions was her Cookie Salad. There is a reason she is famous for her Cookie Salad. It rocks! Try it. You won't be sorry! This is legendary for a reason. Trust me! I find myself eating this for breakfast, lunch and snack until it is gone:)

The youngest of the Kanning Cubs, Kirstin, is getting married this summer back in Montana. I am not sure if I have ever been more excited to see everyone and get together with cousins. A good time will be had by all! I think a good wiener roast and some fruit salad is in order:)

My sister, Jenna, was craving it while she was here so I sent a text off to Aunt Kim in hope to receive. Sure enough! She emailed it to me! In true Kim fashion of course... Laughs and giggles came from my office when I read through it the first time. I could hear her voice true and clear. Halve the recipe if you don't have an army to feed.

Welp folks! Enough of my blabbing! Here she is! I can't wait for you to whip this up and enjoy!

WARNING: The fruit in this salad may give you the misconception that the whole salad is as healthy as the fruit.

My suggestion; let your self be fooled and enjoy:)

Aunt Kim's Famous Cookie Salad

Back Row - Cousin Karie holding Cousin Kirstin. 
Front Row Left to Right - Cousin Jill, Sister Bridget, Sister Crystal, Myself, Cousin Joel Holding Sister Jenna. Brother Tom was not born yet.

Wiener Roast! 
Left to Right - Cousin Karie, Myself, Cousin Jill, Sister Crystal, Cousin Joel, Sister Bridget, Cousin Kirstin hidden behind Bridget, Mom Laurel, Sister Jenna in backpack, and Aunt Kim.

Aunt Kim's Famous Cookie Salad

Aunt Kim Pictured Below

(Exactly the way it was sent to me. You will see why she makes me giggle.)

Get out the big silver bread bowl or dishpan, should you have one....
ditto for a big colander,

Assign a kidlet to open the cans and get them draining, whilst you stir up the pudding base of the salad. 

 3 large cans of well drained crushed pineapple, squeeze out some of the excess juice. (I
    like the fruit/pudding combo to more dry than soupy)
 2 large cans of well drained fruit cocktail (I used Tropical Fruit Cocktail)
 4 or 5 small cans of well drained mandarin orange slices

Referee kids at this point, mandarin oranges are not for gob smacking on one's forehead! Delegate a cookie crusher and threaten death, if they snitch cookies or intentionally bang someone's fingers in the cookie pounding.  Check turkey, pour another coffee, referee kids again.....this will be repeated several more times, as needed. Where was I?  Oh yeah, Cookies. Ummm, prolly two packages of the Keebler Fudge Stripes will do. More, if your kidlets are adept at thievery in the cookie department.  Cookies need to be crushed well, use what ever method works for you.

In the big bread bowl,
2 lg box of instant vanilla pudding
Buttermilk.  Use half of what would normally be used to make pudding.  You want this THICK, as in, "seriously?, I can't stir this shit!"

To this, add 2-3 large tubs of cool whip, fold in fruit and pudding mix

Fold in the crushed cookies and garnish with a couple of cookie halves.

Enjoy and remember to eat two scoops, one for each hip.


  1. lol.. too cute! & recipe sounds great too!

  2. Oh it is! You should give it a whirl! Thanks for visiting!

  3. Lovely Aad Cute.....LOL
    thank you so much for your sweet post! | STC Technologies | STC Technologies

    1. Thanks!
      Those were the good ole' days:)
      As an adult I still crave this salad way too often. Haha