Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mustache and Lips Suckers

Happy Valentine's Day!

Some people frown at the idea of today. Only because no one worth their time has come to sweep them off their feet. Well, let me tell you, today is not just for love birds. Today is all about love! Let me clarify.

If you have a sweetie in your life, congratulations! Enjoy being showered with all of the goodness of Valentine flowers, chocolates, etc. But! If you have a best friend at your side, give them an extra squeeze today. If you have a pooch or pussy cat, toss them a special treat. If you have a grandparent or neighbor that is alone send them some flowers to bring on a smile.

Today isn't only about the love of your life. It is about the love in your life.

Give a little extra to those you love today. And don't forget yourself!

If you have children around you, Valentine's Day can be so much fun! This is a fun, quick, easy, and inexpensive way to have fun on Valentine's Day, or any day! Mustache and Lips Sucker projects are the way to go!

My sister Crystal throws a killer Valentines Day Party every year for her 5 year old twins and their friends. We were chit chatting on the phone post party and she said these were a total hit with kids and parents alike!

Items Needed
Craft foam sheets, (Or paper, or cardboard)
Pen or pencil
Box Cutter

-With your writing utensil, draw a mustache or lips of your own creative design onto your craft foam sheet.
-Then use a box cutter to score an X in the middle of the lips, or bottom middle of the mustache. (adult job)
-Use scissors to cut out your mustache or lips.
-Poke your sucker through the X.

Tad-ah! What Fun!

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