Thursday, February 2, 2012

Carpenter's Super Bowl Menu 2012

What are you doing this Sunday for Super Bowl? Throwing a party? Attending a party? Not quite sure yet?

Whether you are staying right where you are, or hoppin' over to a friends house, here are some great suggestions for football food! My focus this year was no fuss! Here are some make ahead recipes that you can make the morning of or even the day before and simply reheat when game time hits.

Chili Artichoke Dip
 This is great for at home or a friends! Very versatile, this easy and delicious dip can be made a day or two ahead of time and reheated when ready to serve, or even kept warm in the crock pot. Don't like heat? Chilies are perfect for you then! Like heat? Replace the chilies with Jalapenos! Click here for recipe.

Reuben Dip
Lovers and non-lovers of the famous Reuben Sandwich both tend to love this dip! This recipe is oh so delicious and can also be made ahead of time if you wish. Throw this dip together in a snap!
Click here for the recipe.

Buffalo Chicken Dip
Oh the ever trusty Buffalo Chicken Dip! It's become an oldie but a goodie in our house. This recipe can now be found all over the Internet, but I received it originally from my friend Christy - The Girl Who Ate Everything. This is also a great make ahead recipe.
Click here for the recipe.

Spicy Kickin' Jalapenos
OK all you messy "man food" lovers, this recipe for Spicy Kickin' Jalapenos is for you. Spice...cheese...bacon... Do I need to say more? If you don't mind a tiny bit more work than the dips listed above, this recipe is well worth it. A few years ago I made these on a little cooking segment that aired on South Florida News Station before Superbowl. Got a man in your life? This is what you should make him:)

If you are taking them to a party, assemble everything at home and pop them in your friend's oven when you get there. Assembly can be done the morning of or day before as well. Simply leave the baking step for right before serving. These are one of my hubby, Dan Carpenter's favorites! For the recipe, click here.

Mary Alice's Hoagie Dip
This has become a favorite in our house come entertaining time. There is never any left! I am not sure why it's called a dip. I usually use it to scoop onto small hoagie rolls or kaiser buns for sandwiches. My friends have started to request it. If you want to satisfy everyone at the party, make this! It is not difficult to make, just a little time consuming to cut up all the ingredients. Totally worth the time! You will NOT be sorry. This recipe has raving reviews from my 3 toughest critics plus one....Dan, Sister Crystal, The Girl Who Ate Everything and Mr. Girl Who Ate Everything.
Click here for the recipe.

Need More Recipes?
I have so many other great football recipes I would like to share with you, like Pulled Pork with Blue Cheese Jalapeno Slaw....imagine THAT recipe kept warm in a crock pot and served on slider buns...mmm!! If you are interested in more football food, click here!


  1. Eric's low carb right now so I need some good recipes for that. Any ideas. I'm going to do the ham rollups and your bacon peppers for sure!

  2. Wings
    Bacon wrapped chicken bites
    Deviled Eggs
    Roll ups using salami instead of tortilla
    Stuffed Mushrooms
    And use celery, carrot chips, cucumbers, and other crunchy veggies rather than chips for all the good dips:)