Saturday, January 14, 2012

California Spicy Shrimp Bite

Calling all sophisticated ladies! I have an appetizer for you! This is easy on the waistline AND will win those men over with it's spicy kick. This is not your run-of-the-mill football party food. It is a nice switch up.

Seems like everything consumed on game days has cream cheese and chips involved. Don't get me wrong. Cream cheese is seriously one of my favorite foods! But sometimes you need something different. After awhile, all dips tend to look the same. This appetizer reminds me of sushi. Delicious!

On a day such as Super Bowl, when your living room is a tornado of testosterone filled with beer drinking, food munching, hollering men, allow yourself a little slice of heaven. This is a small piece of something that will make you feel civilized again. California Spicy Shrimp Bites!

Healthy, you will win over any ladies at the party, and with the spice you will have the guys begging for more. Taking 15 minutes or less finish-to-end, these will have you in and out of the kitchen in time to see those great commercials! mean the game...of course.

These are delightfully scrumptious. With every bite your inner Audrey Hepburns and Elizabeth Taylors will be reborn! You will find yourself in a sleek black dress, flute of champagne in hand!...Laughing with all your friends!...AHH HAHAHA...All while looking smashing of course!

And then, once the clock strikes 12 and the last California Spicy Shrimp Bite has disappeared, you will snap back to reality....Surrounded by men and dressed in a jersey, you will get yo gaaaame on Mama! Like the true, rowdy, football loving gal that I know you can be! Cause hey, we all know women like us have more fun anyway;) Chase these buggers with a good ole' beer.

I got this recipe from Average Betty. She describes it as ... "... one-bite-delights...similar to a California Roll but the textures and flavors are far more exciting..." I could not agree more! Her description is perfect!

California Spicy Shrimp Bite
(Also known as Average Betty's Perfect Shrimp Recipe)
Makes 12

12 raw shrimp
1 cucumber
12 avocado pieces
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp dried parsley
Black Pepper
Couple splashes Soy Sauce
Sesame Seeds
Sriracha Hot Sauce (This will become your new favorite hot sauce!)
Olive Oil
Lemon or Lemon Juice
1 TB Butter

-Rinse and take tails off of shrimp. If they are not deveined or shelled already do that as
-Put them in a bowl and pour just enough olive oil on the shrimp so that you can toss and
  coat them in it.
-Toss garlic powder, cayenne, black pepper, dried parsley, and soy sauce in the bowl with
  the shrimp. Toss until coated evenly and set aside.
-Peel Cucumber as desired and then slice 12 slices off of it. This will be the base for your
  stacks. Place them on serving platter. Set aside.
-Get out your Sriracha hot sauce. Many people know this as the "Rooster Sauce". It is in a
  clear bottle with a green screw lid. My grocery didn't have that brand. But I did find
  Sriracha Sauce. Using actual Sriracha Sauce is VERY IMPORTANT. Please do not
  substitute. It won't be the same.
-Peel and slice Avocado into pieces about the size of the shrimp give or take. Set aside.
-Also get out your Sesame Seeds so they are ready for sprinkling.
-Set seeds, sauce, platter of cucumber slices, and avocado together in an assembly line.
-Into an already hot skillet carefully add 1 TB butter. Once the butter is melted, place the
  shrimp and any extra of its seasoning/juice in it as well.
-Grill on med/high heat for 2 minutes per side.
-Once the time is up, remove from heat and squeeze with a generous squeeze of fresh
-Immediately bring pan of shrimp over to assembly line.
-Now like making a sandwich, top each cucumber slice with one shrimp.
-Top each shrimp with a small drizzle of Sriracha. Taste Sriracha first ans see how much
  spice you can handle.
-Top each drizzle of Sriracha with Avocado.
-Now sprinkle with Sesame Seeds and serve!

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