Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Quick Tip - (Hard Cookies)

Even baked a pan of cookies just a few minutes to long? They come out of the oven ooey gooey pieces of goodness... fresh and warm, but when they cool off it is a different story.

If you have ever been stuck with a batch of cookies that would serve better as a poker chips than a soft bendy cookie, try this out!

Place a slice of cheap sandwich bread from the store in the airtight container with the cookies. Leave overnight. Nine times out of ten your cookies will be soft and bendy again. This is an old trick that my Mom used to use if a pan or two of cookies turned out hard.

It seems odd, but give it a whirl! What do you have to loose besides a few poker chips?


  1. I smile at how you say 'cheap' sandwich bread when i'm sure you rarely have cheap sandwich bread in the house, it wouldn't accent any of your delicious meals you make. :) Plus, i wouldn't be surprised if you don't make some bread yourself.

    1. Lexie you are too kind. Being raised on two kinds of bread. Homemade, and cheap, I still for some reason have a soft spot for it. I use it for grilled cheese and PB&J. But you are right, for anything else I either make my own or get the next level up. I have a hard time spending too much on good bread, but as long there is a seed here and there I feel like I am being healthy. Haha I usually get the great breads when they are buy one get one and then just pop em in the freezer:)