Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Banana Splits and the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Tonight, the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show airs on CBS. This is arguably the sexiest night on television. So, to my Facebook followers I asked - What is the sexiest food out there?  I received all sorts of answers, suggestions on how to prepare the food, what to wear while preparing the food, even to slip a few aphrodisiacs in there. Nice to know there is a little spice in my audience! ;)

After finding this article on aphrodisiac foods I decided I would go the banana and chocolate route and make Banana Splits for the fashion show. Yes, there is something that seems a little ironic about sitting on the couch in comfy sweats with a HUGE banana split in hand, topped with ice-cream, whipped cream, chocolate, caramel, nuts etc.....all while watching skinny models in lingerie strut their stuff on the runway.....

Oh well! I will enjoy my beautiful, delicious Banana Split and also enjoy the show! Why not!?!?! It has been ages since I have had one. This time I may get a little adventurous with toppings considering we have leftover candy from building our Ginger Bread houses.

What do you put on your Banana Split? Are you watching the show?


  1. Believe it or not, I have never eaten a banana split. I think it is time to try one!

    1. Crystal!

      You must. I want a picture of the masterpiece when you are done:)