Saturday, July 24, 2010

Something Grandpa Left Me

I was in 4th grade when my Grandpa passed away. He wasn't a chatter box, he practically never spoke a word. But as grandchildren living next door, he was good as gold in our eyes. I remember his tin of popcorn, black licorice gum, blue Levi jeans, his black ring, coffee in his multi-toned brown coffee cup, and crushing cans while collecting five gallon buckets full of the pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald house.
I remember picking, washing, and trimming radishes so that we could dip em in salt together and eat em. I remember the awesome agate collection that was kept in the Folders can. We were always so proud to contribute to it with our latest find.

The other day blueberries were on sale. My mind was taken back to the good ole days hanging with Grandpa. He showed me this delicious treat. I just had to buy them so I could taste this once again. I ate it today with a smile.....Miss the old fart.....woulda been good to share a bowl with him.

Something Grandpa Left Me

-A bowl full of fresh blueberries
-Tiny sprinkle of sugar

-Take a bowl full of cool blueberries and cover with cold cream. (like cereal)
-Sprinkle with sugar

For some reason it tastes so good to eat slow, while breathing through your nose, with eyes closed.....yes, I know I am weird.

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