Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kaela's Kitchen Is Created!

Ok - So my sisters have been bugging me to blog blog blog......

My D.A.R.E. Teacher would NOT be proud. I've tried the "cold shoulder", "NO", and even the "broken record". It has all failed.....So....Here I am!.......

Facebook is most like keeping up on my life, but the other day I realized I wanted to send you all pics of the new pad, and I didn't want to Facebook them.....I could have BLOGGED about it.......Ok,Ok, you guys are right!

I have named it Kaela's Kitchen! After I named it, I found out the name wasn't available for the actual website...:( bummer. Therefore leaving the website with something similiar.....kfckitchen.

So here is the scoop.....This is a little bit of my personal blog, but I want it to be primarily used and built by the whole fam. :) I want all our fam to contribute there fav recipes as they come. We then don't have to call eachother for the secret ingredient, or special directions, when one or the other of us are tied up in something. I think it is a great way to share our newly discovered recipes, and also write down the great old ones.
I hope this blog starts as a blank canvas and grows into our families collaboration of yummiest recipes!

Here is a great example of my friend Christy. She has 12 girls in her fam. I've got some great recipes off of her site!

Love Kaela

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  1. And you were even outstanding D.A.R.E student!